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ARTSpecially Event 2021

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September 2021

Great! It is almost there, the final count-down has begun. Our annual party is coming, which by exception is held in September instead of April and which was postponed due to Covid19, as we know too well.

We will be able and allowed to organise this creative do within the lines laid out to us, meaning: allowing a maximum number of people in, so it will be more quiet than usual. All exhibitors have been provided with extra space inside and around their stands, resulting in fewer exhibitors in all. Catering has been moved to a 3rd hall, again with a view to space. The isles are now 6 metres wide, we have taken hygiene measures and ventilation is good.

Although we are a so called “transfer-location”, we have opted for corona-checks on entry. The reason for this being the safety warranty for fellow visitors, exhibitors’ staff and our own team – who wish to feel safe too.

This implies visitors need written evidence of vaccination, a recent entry test or proof of recovery of the official GGD coronacheck. Download the CoronaCheck app, or go to Please download your personal evidence of either:

  1. Test – on – entry (toegangstest)
  2. Proof of vaccination
  3. Proof of Recovery of Covid-19

On entry at the event we will ask you to show either the QR code in the CoronaCheck app, or the evidence from the website before mentioned, printed out on paper. Please also bring an ID along with this to prove the two match.

After this check you will receive a wristband which enables you to walk in and out in a relaxed way. We will also check your admission ticket there. Please note that it is impossible to buy a ticket at the entrance of the event, you will have to buy a ticket in advance and this also applies to men and children. (the reason being we need to keep track of the numbers allowed in). Do you wish to buy a ticket still, please email:

With the help of these measures we will be able to make it a pleasant, vibrant and safe party, like you are used to!

You can download the floorplan below to see who is there. Every day we post a company on Facebook with what they bring and what they do.

Once again many thanks for your patience and all encouraging emails and posts on social media. It has truly kept our spirits up.

We have tried to serve you in return for your patience during those past 18 months, posting inspirational matters and we will continue to do so in 2021. Our team has produced piles of inspirational work with our latest line of stamps, which can be admired at the event as well.

N.B. If you had tickets for the cancelled event of 2020, these have been reset for Sept 2021. On 26 July last at 12.01 hrs our partner Eventgoose has emailed you the new tickets. Please bring these to the event in print on 18 / 19 September next. In case you cannot find these new tickets, email to a.s.a.p. and we will ask eventgoose to send them once more.

We hope to see you soon at our usual location in Nijkerk at Hart van Holland for a creative and inspiring party.

See you soon!
Angela and the ARTSpecially Team