Hello everyone,

Thank you for visiting the coolest creative party of the year.

We all enjoyed it so much; the happy faces, meetings, discoveries in materials and technology, the exchange of the ATCs by those who felt like it, everything was a fantastic party.

We will do it again next year on March 29 and 30, 2025.

And to scale down in terms of energy, we at ARTSpecially are going to scale down for a few months, do nothing, cycle, catch up and discover things for ourselves.

From Monday, April 22, stamps can no longer be ordered on the site. We really need the time to process all orders placed and send them on time.

From August 2024 you can order our beautiful stamps again and we will inspire you with all the beautiful things that our workshop team has made for you in recent months.

Thank you again for your wonderful presence at our ARTSpecially Event, a truly creative party that we are all creating together.

And… write March 29 and 30, 2025 in your diary, then we will dance together in creativity again.

All love,

Information ARTSpecially Event 2024

Poster competition: Let the fun begin

Are you going to take a chance? Will your work appear on the ARTSpecially 2025 poster?

What does this poster competition entail?

  • You create work that is used to create the ARTSpecially poster;
  • You can participate as often as you want;
  • You can submit as many cards as you want;
  • You can choose the size yourself - small, medium or large, it doesn't matter to us. You can pick up your work later at our event;
  • There is only ONE condition: stamps must have been used;
  • You are completely free in terms of color, mixed media, theme, brands of stamps, material, etc. And if you have seen the poster winners of recent years, you also know that every year it is something completely different from the previous years. We do not restrict you in anything, with the exception of the use of stamp(s), which we do want to see. We care about what your work conveys.

What can you win?

1st prize

  • eternal fame; the winning card and your name will appear on posters, flyers, social media, newsletters, etc.;
  • you will receive the complete new series of stamps that we will present at the ARTSpecially event 2025;
  • two weekend entrance tickets for the ARTSpecially Event 2025.

2nd prize

  • two weekend entrance tickets for the ARTSpecially Event 2025.

3rd prize

  • two day entrance tickets for the ARTSpecially Event 2025, you choose whether you want Saturday or Sunday.

Send your work before July 31, 2024 to:
ARTSpecially for You
Attn: Angela Louwers
Heuvelstraat 27
5461 GJ Veghel.