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Hello Stamping and Mixed Media Lover!

Are you ready for the most inspiring party of the year?

The ARTSpecially event in Nijkerk takes place on 2 and 3 April 2022.

It is especially aimed at the lovers of paper, card-making, stamping, mixed media materials, planners, inks, washi, stencils, colouring materials and so on. Our event cannot be compared to the usual hobby exhibitions, where wool, yarns, quilting, jewellery and Home & Garden are presented alongside our paper, stamps, and mixed media articles.

All our ARTSpecially workshops are centred around the insight into and inspiration for materials and how to get most out of them and creating beautiful results for cards and with materials, in less time. These workshops often make use of the materials many of us already possess, yet do not use or do not use to their full potential. Our ARTSpecially team presents 9 different workshops / techniques in which 75 people can participate every 20 minutes, resulting in over 1.500 inspirational takes per day, for this year the workshops take place non-stop!

Ticket Information
Tickets for the event are bound to a specific day (either Saturday OR Sunday), but buying a weekend ticket is also an option. As of this year we will work with a discount for those booking early, the so-called Early Birds. This has partly to do with expected regulations on maximum numbers of visitors due to applicable Covid rules.

All tickets include €2.50 service- and handling costs*.


Day tickets for adults and children from 13 upwards    €   22.50
Day tickets for children 8 up to 12 years old                 €   12.50

Weekend tickets for adults and children from 13 upwards    € 42.50
Weekend tickets for children 8 up to 12 years old        €    22.50

Children under 8 years old and those accompanying wheelchair-users are free of charge. ! Men do not have free access (this relates to limited tickets sales in Covid times).

This is included in the tickets prices:

  • Free car park within the site of the exhibition.
  • Free transport service from and to the train station Nijkerk.
  • Free guarded cloakroom where you may ‘park’ your bags as often as you like, so they need not be carried around.
  • Free toilet facilities
  • Free jar of WOW! Embossing powder for every visitor.
  • Free participation in ARTSpecially workshops on the basis of availability. There are those that do 2 workshops or none and some even have the patience to do all, depending on the time one wishes spend to take a seat and wait for half an hour for one’s turn.
  • Free access to all ARTSpecially workshops on paper hand-outs so that they can be done at home in case you do not wish to take the time. Inspiration, examples and step-by-step explanation by our team.



On Tuesday February 15th our government have announced that The Netherlands will be opened in 3 steps. Here you will find more information about what the implications of the relaxation of Covid rules mean for our ARTSpecially event. For all our activities we will follow guidelines put into place by the Dutch government institution RIVM. Here is a list of guidelines applying as of now:

  • Stay home in case of health complaints
  • Disinfect your hand regularly.
  • From 25 February the obligation to show a valid Covid Entry permit is lifted for events hosting fewer than 500 people. At concerts etc. hosting over 500 people without fixed seating a valid test result is needed. However, exhibitions like our ARTSpecially Event falls into a different category. We do not have to check test results nor QR codes anymore, since we are in a huge hall a.k.a. “Passing-Through-Location”. Great, indirectly this will considerably decrease waiting times at the door. 

We DO keep the limited number of visitors to 1000 per day, simply because some people may not feel comfortable in large crowds as yet, understandably so. This way those who wish to do so will be able to keep sufficient distance and through time many people have asked us for this. Thus we will be able to make this a pleasant event for everyone.

    *What happens in the unlikely event of a new Covid lockdown?
    (which we do not expect but wish to inform you about)
    Handling and service costs for an outside company add up to €2.50 (provided they were paid with iDeal or bank contact; for Paypal or credit card additional costs are charged). In case of a lockdown you will receive a restitution of your ticket price excluding these service and handling costs.


    • Restitution of tickets bought cannot take place.
    • Our exhibition centre has ample facilities for the disabled. Wheelchairs have access to toilets, restaurant and halls. The person accompanying the wheelchair user enters free of charge (non-motorised chairs i.e.).
    • The hall has a good First Aid unit (on the right of the entrance), manned all day. You are in good hands.
    • Some exhibitors offer the service to pin extra money, which may come in handy, because some exhibitors (mainly our foreign friends) do not offer the possibility to pay by card. Please bring extra cash too, just in case)
    • During the event you can rely our guarded cloakroom (area) for Lost and Found objects. In the unfortunate case something has not arrived there yet, please email us at angela@libraenlibris.nl. On Monday after the event we may not have sufficient information yet, so we kindly ask for your patience.
    • TIP: If you have a stamping tool (platform) it may come in handy at some workshops.
    • You do not have a printer? No problem, your tickets can be scanned from smartphones or tablets (saves paper too).

    Any more questions?  Feel free to contact: angela@libraenlibris.nl. We will try our best to reply as soon as we can.

    Hopefully we will see you all again soon, on April 2 and 3, 2022.

    Kind regards,
    Angela and the coolest ARTSpecially team full of very nice people!